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In 2014, we opened our doors in the sleepy yet charming neighbourhood of Farrer Park with a specific focus on sharing coffees of the best qualities. Although the business has undergone numerous changes over the years, we remain firmly committed to our coffee philosophy since the beginning. 

Great tasting coffees are the result of hard work and dedication invested by farmers, producers, coffee traders, roasters and brewers. We choose to work only with honest and responsible coffee professionals who respect this relationship and share similar approach towards coffee quality and sustainability. We are proud to work with local roaster Nylon Coffee Roasters as well as highly-regarded overseas roasters Koppi Roasters (Helsingborg) and La Cabra Coffee (Aarhus) to showcase coffees of exceptional quality. It is our belief that when coffee plants are cultivated to its best form and then carefully processed to uphold its inherent quality, we get the best tasting cups of coffee which are clean, bright, sweet and reflective of their terroir. This is what we strive to share.

The same philosophy applies to every aspect of our business. We source for fresh, quality ingredients and work hard to showcase these produce fairly. We believe in building precious relationships with our community of friends, customers and business partners. Through our meticulously-curated menu of food and drinks, we hope to bring people together over meaningful conversations and company.  

Old Hen Coffee is a humble family-run business. We grow with our community and are continuously inspired by the people who come through our doors everyday.

- Ivan, Terry & Mason

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